Service of Remembrance

May 23, 2020

For more than 15 years we’ve hosted a Service of Remembrance on the second Saturday in May. We send an invitation to all of the families we’ve served from April of the previous year to April of the current year, inviting them to join us while we honor the person they’ve lost one more time. In years past, when things were normal, we held a short service with readings, music, singing and the reading of the names of those who had died. Unfortunately, this year is not normal. We’ve had to learn new ways to come together while remaining apart. In that spirit, each of our chapels have put together a special tribute video to take a moment to reflect on those we’ve lost since last year’s Service of Remembrance.

Anderson-Peterson Remembrance Video

Bodelson-Mahn Remembrance Video

Rochester Chapel Remembrance Video

Larson and Mahler Chapels Remembrance Video